Jay Anderson, Professional Photographer

I am a professional photographer and owner of Jay Anderson Photography, based in Raleigh, NC. I focus on editorial, commercial, portrait, headshot, and sports photography. My family and I live in Cary, NC. I can cover assignments in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Furthermore, I can travel as needed with advance notice. 

Prior professional photography

My prior work allowed me to capture sports-related editorial and I shoot, edit, caption, and upload on deadline and on site. Consequently, with my prior role as a freelance stringer with a newspaper, I have covered professional soccer, NCAA D1 college football, and high school sports.

Corporate Photographer

I am branching out to more corporate work and will be focusing on product photography this year. Therefore, I have invested in Profoto strobe lighting and modifiers because I feel they are the best. Additionally, when shooting in the studio, I create the best image in camera. This way, so little work is required in post-production.

Portrait Photographer

For my portraiture and headshot photography, I enjoy capturing the essence of the subject. Especially important to me is to connect with them before we shoot. Many times, I spend over half of our time getting to know them and understanding what they want. Additionally I research the subject before the shoot to know more about them. This task helps me know their likes and dislikes in advance. A strong connection is a powerful thing.

Thank you for viewing my site. I hope to create special work with you this year. Take care!